intellectualshawty yeah, and their curriculum was wild

student of the year really twisted my perception of college life in india

I’m having a bollywood dance party in my room rn that playlist i reblogged before is so good 

omg i was talking about saat sumandar and it started playing only it’s actually called sajna ve sajna oops

there are some songs you just don’t feel right listening to unless you’re wearing a choli

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Bally Sagoo Feat Gunjan | Noorie

i love Islamic chants <3 


omg ramadan’s over this means I can listen to baby doll on repeat again!!


What did the children of Gaza do to you?


What did the children of Gaza do to you?

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daniel radcliffe could have grown up to be so so awful, it would have been so easy for him to be terrible, we are truly blessed to have the danrad that we have

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i threw a bunch of things together, and this happened. 
kaisi yeh jadugari

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I have to go to an 18 year olds wedding next week….I wanna be bitter about it but she’s really happy so I guess it’s okay?




Ruthless Photos


I’m bored.

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